5 Factors that can damage even a healthy relationship

Every relationship is unique and a few things should be avoided to keep it hail and healthy


A relationship is a science that is hardly understood by one but can be a cake walk if they are nurtured and valued. There can be times when even the slightest things can tend to damage even the strongest relationships and you might not even realize the cracks unless they are visible. Nurturing a relationship can be close to rocket science and needs plenty of hard work. Though one need not be told what has to be done to nurture and value a relationship a few tips can be given on what not to do when in a relationship.

1. Do not indulge in the silent treatment – Often in an argument or a disagreement, we tend to give the silent treatment to the partner. But that is not healthy as the communication here stops. Even the best relationships can turn sour as the communication gap increases.

2. Withdraw from fights – If it is essential, you can withdraw from a fight as stepping back can put a full stop from the argument temporarily and after things cool down things will get back to normal. But always avoid to indulge in fights and if you do make sure you try to talk it out.

3. Be clear in terms of finances – It is certainly not a good idea to separate the finances between the two individuals. One partner is always a spender while the other is a saver. But when a person begins to lie about the finances, things can become tricky and unhealthy for the relationship.

4. When in stress, do not shut out from your partner – When you are under stress, you might feel like shutting down from everyone around you. But the fact is that your partner is the one who might need you in that particular moment and it is not advisable to take back yourself from your partner.

5. Do not compare your partner with other –Your relationship is always unique and you have your own understandings. Do not compare your relationship with others as this might lead to big misunderstandings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay