4 Correct ways to consume fruits

Fruits should be consumed in the right way to have its maximum benefits


To have a good health and to have good immunity it is essential to consume fruits apart from your everyday meals. Fresh and organic ones are healthy for the body and one should consume them on a regular basis. But not many are aware that many of us use the wrong way to eat them. If they are not eaten the right way, we might not get the maximum benefits. Here are a few ways to consume them the right way.

1. Do not eat fruits after a meal – A fruit should not be eaten right after meals. The reason behind this is that fruits tend to decompose faster than the foods that we eat on a daily basis. The regular food takes time to digest and during this time fruits tend to decompose. When fruits decompose, they tend to release more acids and all the nutrients get destroyed.

2. Eat fruit on an empty stomach – The best time to have a fruit is to have them on an empty stomach. They should be had at least 45 to 60 minutes before you have a meal. The digestive systems gets ample time to digest the fruits and it will remain in your intestine when you consume your next meal.

3. Do not consume fruit in form of juices – It is always healthy to have the whole fruit as it gets mixed with the saliva that has digestive enzymes. Such enzymes help to break down the fruits and the body is able to absorb maximum nutrients of the fruit. Consuming juices also deprives the body of the fibre content in the fruit.

4. Try consuming fruits which are locally available –It is always wise to consume the fruit which are easily available locally. The ones that are locally grown are much better as you can get them fresh. Exotic ones are plucked much before they are consumed and might not have ample nutrients that they are otherwise supposed to have.

Photo Credits: Pixabay