Importance of grandparents on a child’s life

Grandparents are the ones who teach the children the actual values which cannot be given by the parents


Children can be looked after well by their parents, but the presence of grandparents in their life is equally important. Children these days are more video game driven and are handed over high-tech gadgets at a very tender age. This mostly happens when both the parents are busy and do not have time to spend with their kids. Such gadgets tend to spoil the habits if the kids and also puts them at risk of obesity. This is when grandparents come to the rescue as they are the ones who can teach them right and make them more independent. Here are a few reasons why it is important to for the children to be with their grandparents as well.

1. Children become social and realistic – Children who are not in the company of their grandparents tend to make fun of old people. But when they are with them they realize that being old is a part of the life cycle. Children become helpful and also empathetic.

2. Makes them mentally strong – Children who have a company of their grandparents, learn to handle emotions and seldom face behavioral problems. Senior citizens tend to tell them stories which make them strong and also give them morals of life.

3. Grandparents recover from empty nest syndrome – Many senior citizens often go through the empty nest syndrome when their children leave to live in other cities to make a living. This is when grandchildren come in to their lives and keep them busy, happy, active and healthy.

4. Children are less depressed – They are always available to rescue their little grandchildren. They are not just playmates but are also their emotion companion. They also give them good life lessons.

5. Children become more stable –When the children are in company of their grandparents, they tend to become more stable as when the parents are busy, grandparents fill in the empty spaces.

Photo Credits: Pixabay