5 Amazing health benefits of purple potatoes

Purple potatoes can be called as the best substitute to the normal potatoes

purple potatoes

Purple potatoes are known to be more beneficial for the health when compared to the normal potatoes. It is not just the purple tinge that makes it look interesting, but there are a number of health benefits. While potatoes might not be considered as a healthy option, consumption of purple potatoes can reduce the risk of strokes and heart diseases. Here are a few benefits of con summing purple potatoes.

1. Good source of fibre – Purple potatoes is a huge source of fibre, which makes it good for the health of the gut. Fibre also helps to aid weight loss.

2. Good source of anti-oxidants –Anti-oxidants not just reduce inflammation but also allows down the ageing process. The vegetable is also a good source of anthocyanins which is good for the eyes and also the heart health.

3. Increases endurance levels – Purple potatoes have high fibre content and has a time release effect which helps to maintain the energy levels. People who have low potassium levels can also consume the vegetable.

4. Prevents blood clots –The vegetable contains chlorogenic acid, that breaks down the blood clots and thus prevents blood clots.

5. Best for people who are diabetic – Diabetic people are often advised not to consume the white potatoes, but consuming purple ones can be a great substitute. They can also be a great vegetable when such patients crave to have potatoes.

The color that is found on the tinged potatoes is similar to that is found in red wine or blue berries. They are also a great content of polyphenols and half a cup of potatoes at least twice a day also helps to drop the blood pressure levels. This means that it also helps to maintain a healthy weight and helps to add good fats to the body. Potatoes are so versatile that they can be had with almost anything and at in any season.

Photo Credits: Pixabay