Popeyes to relaunch its popular spicy-chicken sandwich

Popeyes has assured that this time it will manage the supplies of the spicy-chicken sandwich and meet the demands


Fried chicken giant Popeyes had earlier introduced its spicy-chicken sandwich in its menu but had suddenly took down the item from the menu in August, 2019. However, by then the spicy-chicken sandwich had become popular among the foodies and have demanded it back. The fans are now asking when the viral food item would return to the menu. Two months of wait and Popeyes has announced that the spicy-chicken sandwich would soon return to the menu on November 3, 2019. The best part of the announcement was that the spicy-chicken sandwich will be available as a permanent item on the menu.

Bruno Cardinali, the head of marketing at the fast food chain said that they are planning to offer it to their guests for a long time and are also confident that they will be able to meet the demand. Cardinalli has also informed that it is making preparations for the relaunch of the spicy-chicken sandwich and is also hiring extra staff. The marketing head added that they are also preparing to stabilize the supply chain for the sandwich. The popular food item on the menu has a white meat filet with butter batter, which is topped with pickles with a choice of mayo or a spicy Cajun spread which is served on a toasted brioche bread.

Reports say that Popeyes had stopped selling the food item on its menu due to a demand that it was not able to handle. The high demand was also due to the viral media spat and the growing demand of chicken in America. Fried chicken sandwich is a popular food item for Popeyes and other competitors. American food goers are now more inclined towards chicken and the beef consumption has gone down. People are now less visiting the fast food restaurants, but the fried chicken sandwich has become popular among the foodies and is the driving factor for the fast food restaurants.

Photo Credits: Unsplash