5 Easy ways to plan a budget wedding

You need not spend your entire fortune for a wedding as it can be done in a budget as well


Everyone dream about their wedding day and make plans to make the big day in to the most memorable one. This is the day when you will remember and will also share stories with your loved ones. Since the memories are going to be sealed forever, everything needs to be perfect from the wedding outfit, the wedding venue, food menu and the decoration. All these things surely come at a price but there are also ways to go budget friendly. Here are a few tricks to plan a budget-friendly wedding.

1. Plan about the money to be spent – Money is what you need in hand before you plan a wedding. Figure out what you are planning and take out an estimate of every single ceremony that is being planned. Emit all the unnecessary things and make sure you include only the important and things that cannot be avoided.

2. As far as possible host other side ceremonies at home – Instead of hiring an entire venue for the smaller ceremonies other than the wedding, host a small and intimate ceremony at your residence. This will cut the cost of the venue and a short list of invitees will make it easy on the pocket.

3. Look out for sales – Weddings does not mean that you have to spend all that you have. Instead of going at a shop that has fresh stock, checkout a place that has a sale going on. You can plan the purchases, when the offers are being made by your favourite brands. It is always better to have your favourite outfit at a 50 percent discount than paying for the full price unnecessarily.

4. Plan a wedding on a weekday – Wedding venues usually charge extra for a weekend wedding. If the wedding is planned on a weekday, the prices are comparatively less.

5. Do not invite the entire town – While making the wedding guest list, you do not need to invite everyone from your childhood generation. That would mean to spend extra for no reason.

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