General Motors partners with Amazon to install Alexa in cars

The Alexa voice assistant will be installed in cars as a result of partnership between General Motors and Amazon


More and more companies are now embracing the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The flexibility of the tech has allowed companies of different nature adopt for their respective purposes. US based auto giant General Motors has joined hands  with e-commerce giant Amazon  and will be enabling the voice assistant Alexa in its vehicles. The voice assistant will be installed in the vehicles on model year 2018 along with the new GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick and will also be having infotainment systems. The installations will be done by the first half of 2020.

The merger between the auto giant and the tech company is an indication that the industry is open to adopt new tech  and is ambitious to provide latest technology and new features for the convenience of the car owners. It will also be a new experience for the car owners as they would get to use a technology that they have been so far using at home. Santiago Chamorro, the vice president of GM’s Global Connected services  in a interview said that the best of two companies have come together and are aware of the needs of their customers.

Official have said that the data generated from the voice commands will be shared between the two giants but the financial details of the merger have not been disclosed. The auto giant has not yet given a figure on the cost of the Alexa app in the vehicles and added that the pricing will be disclosed  when the launch date approaches. The Alexa App  will help the drivers of the vehicles to control the smart devices that are at their home like lights and thermostats apart from the controls of the vehicle like phone, navigation and radio.

Apart from GM, Amazon has earlier partnered with auto giant Ford Motor and BMW Group to install the Alexa in-vehicle apps.

Photo Credits: Pixabay