7 minute exercise a day can help reduce one inch belly fat

A new study has claimed that 7 minute exercise a day can help to reduce one in belly fat in six weeks

belly fat

Belly fat can be troublesome and is not surely a child’s play. This is usually accumulated around the waist and accumulates due to unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. Sports Medicine and General Fitness published a journal in which a study has stressed that the human body just needs 7 minutes of weight centric exercises per day. Dedication of just 7 minutes per day for such exercises can contribute to cut belly fat.

The study was conducted 29 adult individuals who irregular in terms of exercise. The participants were divided in two categories. The first group was given a  program for fitness and the other group was told not to workout at all. At the same time, participants from both categories maintained a proper diet. The first group followed a training session for seven minutes per day for one and a half months. The individuals of the group were made to perform several exercises that included squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and crunches.

The group that had indulged in exercise, had managed to lose 2 kgs of weight and ar least one inch of fat around the belly as well after one and a half months. When the research concluded, the researchers were able to conclude that seven minutes of everyday exercise cab be beneficial for health and body especially for those who also want to look fit. The study authors also shared that exercise for proper resistance can help improve the lean body mass and also contributes to get rid of the excess body fat which accumulates in the stomach.

But this requires proper maintenance and also it is also important to increase the intensity of the workout with each passing day that can help to maintain the progress. This happens when people do not take the intensity level higher then that might result to a level when the body stops losing weight no matter how many efforts are made. Even otherwise, it is important for everyone to indulge on some kind of exercise to maintain health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay