Uber to restrict NYC drivers’ access over new regulations

New regulations will restrict the NYC drivers access of Uber


Uber is undergoing a few changes due to the new regulations set in the New York City. The new set of rules, have put a limitation on the fresh licensed vehicles that work on the basis of the Uber app. The limitation would help to determine a minimum pay for the drivers. Due to the changes, there are possibilities that the drivers in New York City might not be able to access the app during the slack hours.

Uber will have to now lock the drivers out of the app, specifically from the areas where there is no or low demand  and this will be done in order to comply with the new regulations. San Francisco based ride-sharing company Lyft has already started locking its drivers out of the app since June, 2019 due to the fresh regulations. Due to the new regulations Uber and Lyft have also stopped accepting new drivers in New York City. It is obvious that the ride-sharing companies are not happy with the new regulations  and has also filed a lawsuit while pressurizing the authorities to take back the cap.

Uber in a statement explained that it has been a practice for the Mayor de Blasio to pass rules that are politically driven, which put an unintended consequences on the drivers as well as the riders. The statement added that the rules have  been passed despite a disagreement by the City Council members, members of the editorial board, experts from transportation and community groups. Uber added that they would continue to cooperate with the city representatives to help the riders, cities and drivers  with the help of some of the policies like reducing prices. The ride-hailing service added that it would take all possible measures to fund mass transit and reduce in-city traffic.

The company has also said that the new rules would not help to ease the traffic congestion in Manhattan.

Photo Credits: Pixabay