6 Food items to be avoided for heartburn

Heartburn is a condition that can cause severe discomfort and a few foods must be avoided


Heartburn is also known as pyrosis and is a burning sensation in the central chest or upper central abdomen and is caused due to the regurgitation of gastric acid in to the esophagus. The problem can be painful if it is not treated in time. If you are the one who suffers a heartburn every now and then, that can be then here are a few food items that can be avoided as they often trigger the condition.

1 Chocolates – Chocolate is surprisingly one of the common trigger for heartburn. Sonce it is made from cocoa that contains serotin, it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter that results in acid reflux that is followed by heartburn. Chocolates also contain theobromine and caffeine which can stimulate the lower esophageal sphincter to relax.

2. Fatty food items – Some of the high-fat food like meat, nuts and cheese can cause heartburn. They stimulate the release of the hormone called as cholecystokinin. It relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter and encourages the food to stay in the stomach for a longer time that increases the risk of acid reflux.

3. Spicy Foods – Spicy food can be really bad for the person who is prone to heartburn. Such foods contain capsasin that slows down the rate of digestion. This makes the food sit in the stomach for a longer period that can cause the condition to trigger.

4. Onions – Raw onions are a rich source of fermentable fibre that can cause belching and aggravates acid reflux like heartburn. Consumption of raw onions must be avoided.

5. Milk – Many suggest that milk can be a remedy for the condition, but the fact is that milk can cause the condition to aggravate. Whole milk can increase the stomach acid and makes it worse. This usually happens due to the fat content in the milk.

6. Citrus juices – Juices like Orange juice, sweet lime or grapefruit juice can be good for health but can trigger the symptoms as they are acidic in nature.

Photo Credits: Pixabay