6 Causes of low blood pressure that one must know

There are many factors that can lead to low blood pressure

low blood pressure

There can be many reasons that can cause a low blood pressure like dehydration, vomiting and fever. But there are also a few underlying causes of low blood pressure, that one must know. Low blood pressure is caused when the blood levels in the body drop beyond the normal reading. Fever, fainting, depression, nausea, dehydration, blurred vision, lack of concentration and unusual thirst can cause low blood pressure. Here are a few other reasons that can be responsible for blood pressure to lower.

1. Blood loss – A decrease in blood volume can cause, blood pressure to go down. It can happen because of internal bleeding and trauma that can lead to a severe drop in blood pressure and thereby causing low blood pressure.

2. Pregnancy – It is common for pregnant women to suffer from low blood pressure. During the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is common for the blood pressure to drop.

3. Certain medications – There are certain medications that can cause the blood pressure to drop. Medicines that treat Parkinson’s Disease, hypertension, antidepressants and erectile dysfunction can cause low blood pressure.

4. Heart problems – If there are problems with the heart valve, heart failure or a heart attack, then there are all chances of the blood pressure to go down. This happens when the heart is not able to circulate enough blood to meet your body’s needs.

5. Allergic reactions – There are some people who are allergic to some medicines and food items that can also cause the blood pressure to go down. Allergy can cause symptoms like problems in breathing, itching, swollen throat and a sudden dramatic fall in blood pressure.

6. Deficiencies – When the body suffers from a deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid, it can lead to anemia, which in turn leads to low blood pressure. If you are feeling nauseous or are experiencing shallow breathing, then consult a doctor immediately.

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