5 Tips to avoid mid-night snacking

Not many are aware that mid-night snacking can actually be unhealthy


It is quite common to crave for an unhealthy snack at mid night. If you are one of those who dig into the fridge in the midnight to satisfy your temporary hunger, then you have to realize that it is an extremely and habit and not certainly not good for the health. Such a habit, disrupts the eating cycle and puts you at risk of developing several other diseases that cause havoc to the body. Here are a few tricks that can help you to manage such a habit of mid-night snacking.

1. Check yourself – Before you actually open a packet of crackers or chips, ask yourself if you are actually hungry or bored. There are many people who tend to eat out of boredom. If you are eating just because you are bored, you can engage yourself in other activities instead of munching on food.

2. Set a routine – Midnight snacking habit is due to the fact that you stay up late after dinner. So if you are having your dinner at 7 or 8 pm and sleep at 1 am then there are chances that you might end up indulging in unhealthy snacking. So avoid staying up late.

3. Replace your cravings with something healthy – You can suppress your craving with something that is more filling like a glass of juice as it is healthy and does not harm the body.

4. Try reducing stress – It is usually observed that people tend to eat more due to the fact that they are stressed. During stress a tub of chocolate ice-cream works like a stress buster, but that can be an unhealthy option. Try reducing stress in other ways like meditation and exercise.

5. Include proteins in diet – Including proteins in diet makes you feel full for a longer time and does not force you to have a mid-night snack. Eggs and lean meat can be a good source of protein.

Photo Credits: Pixabay