Stolen mail found in postal worker’s storage unit

stolen mail

The U.S. postal service has received a surprise when they found bundles of stolen mail in a private storage unit. The postal service is apologizing to the customers after it found the stolen mail. The USPS confirmed the discovery in an email and informed that there were about 1000 pieces of stolen mail from about 13 to 15 years back along with 11,000 USPS Return Receipts post cards.

The stolen items were found in a storage unit that was previously owned by a postal worker who has since died. The discovery was made by the family members and turned over the mail to USPS. A postal service spokesperson said, “We consider this mail to have been stolen. We don’t know why the employee committed this illegal act, nor do we know how or exactly when the mail was taken from a postal facility to the storage unit. We delivered the mail after conducting a thorough review of the pieces and the mail was properly prepared”.

The spokesperson added that apart from the return receipts it was found that most of the mail was First-Class and Priority mail and periodicals. All the mail was in sealed envelops and packages. The authorities of the postal service are preparing on returning all the mail to the rightful owners in Hawaii and the mainland along with an apology.

Customers who have concerns can call on 808-423-3428.

Photo Credits: Pixabay