6 signs that you are a highly sensitive as a person

A few indications and signs can help to diversify a person as highly sensitive


People who are highly sensitive, are known as empaths. They usually carry the weight of the world and are highly emotional and rush through them all the time. Being sensitive is no disease but just makes the person vulnerable to emotions. How to recognize if you are a highly sensitive person? Here are a few points that can help you.

1. You are very observant – You tend to notice things that others don’t. This can include even the most subtle things. You can even pick up on things like the tone of someone’s voice or their facial expressions and this in turn provides you about the person and things in your environment.

2. Other people’s mood impact you personally – People who are highly sensitive are very conscious to how others feel and can also easily sense the mood of others. There can also be times, when you do not even need to talk to the other person to know about their mood.

3. You are a good listener – You care about other people and how they feel and want to understand them. For this you want to hear their side of the story.

4. Your senses are highly amplified – Your senses are stronger than other people’s senses. You can taste, smell, hear and feel things on a slightly high level than others. Due to this you are often easily startled. Many times you might even notice movements, materials, smells, and noises that are pleasant and that aid you in making your way around the world.

5 . You are sensitive to criticism – If you tend to react quickly to criticism or become negative when someone criticizes you then it is a clear sign of a highly sensitive person.

6. Your mind is filled with ideas – For the reason that you are observant, ideas come to you easily. You do not have to make extra efforts to be creative and innovative.

Photo Credits: Pixabay