6 surprising reasons of sudden acne breakout

Causes of acne can be many and many of are surrounded with germs from unexpected places


Despite taking a good care of the skin, like moisturizing, cleansing and toning, you face a sudden breakout of acne. There are a number of reasons that result in an acne breakout and the reasons will leave your surprised. Here are a few surprising reasons of acne breakout.

1. Your smartphone – Our phones remain with us 24/7. Not many are aware that our smartphones are a breeding place for bacteria as we touch them a number of times everyday and touch your cheeks and mouth. You can either give a good wipe everyday or can use earphones to make or receive phone calls.

2. Hair products – Even some of the expensive hair products contain several ingredients that can drip in to the skin and clog the pores. If you notice breakouts near the hairline, neck or back, then your hair products are the culprits. It is advisable to rinse off the conditioner off your body and cover your face before you apply styling or conditioning sprays.

3. Travelling – It does not matter if you are travelling business class or economy. You cannot escape the dry air on a plane. When the skin is parched, the dehydrated cells build up and retain oil that can leave you with unwanted relic which is acne. You can apply a moisturizing serum before boarding the flight.

4. Make-up brushes – If you do not clean your make-up brushes regularly, then they become a breeding place for bacteria. Everytime you use your brushes, make sure that you clean them thoroughly so that you can use the clean ones for the next use.

5. Pillowcase – Dirty pillow cases contains germs, oil, sweat and residue from hair products that can lead to acne.

6. Workout clothes – The sweat and friction from the gym clothes can cause your sweat glands to block. You can instead wear more comfortable clothes which are breathable.

Photo Credits: Pixabay