5 symptoms that can tell you are in an emotional stress

Emotional stress has all the ability to affect different parts of the body and you might not even come to know


There are hardly people who do not deal with stress. It can be emotional or physical and it is important to know the signs of emotional stress as there are various ways it can affect your body. You have to take care not to allow stress to take over your mind and body. But not all stress is negative and there are certain kinds of stress that actually motivates and builds confidence. Here are a few emotional signs of stress.

1. Anger and irritability – These are very common symptoms of mental or emotional stress. During times of being over-stressed, even petty things make you feel angry and irritated. The tolerance levels decreases and leads to arguments and conflicts with people around you.

2. Loneliness – When in mental pressure, this can happen even when you are surrounded by many people around you. You can try and interact with more people and spend time with family and friends.

3. Concentration – When you are mentally disturbed, it becomes tough to concentrate on a particular work where it is needed. You also tend to forget important things under stress or burden. Eating healthy and regular exercise can help to keep the mind active. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

4. Feeling of unhappiness – When in such a mental condition, you might feel low in mood and can feel over-whelmed over little things. This happens as your mind is occupied with the stressors in life. Talking to someone about the problem can help to relieve the problem at least temporarily.

5. Depression and anxiety – Anxiety and depression are related to each other. Severe mental pressure can lead to depression. Under such a situation, you can look for professional help and practice relaxation techniques. Anxiety is also a sign of emotional pressure. When you know what your mind is dealing with, it is better to take preventive measures as it harms the body. Try to reduce the mental pressure levels as much as you can.

Photo Credits: Pixabay