5 Things not to wear during pregnancy

There are certain things that you need to avoid during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a gift from nature to a woman and it is time that the person who is undergoing such a phase to accept as the body undergoes massive changes. It is no more possible to feel as relaxed in the dress that you used to feel the most comfortable earlier. Wearing the right attire while supporting the abdomen allows the bump to grow the way it has to and also makes you comfortable. Here is a list of what not to wear when you are expecting.

1. Tight clothes – Skirts, dresses, jeans and jeggings and other snug outfits if worn during the pregnancy time can cause more discomfort. With episodes of morning sickness and nausea, it can make it even worse for your unsettled tummy. Do not give more pressure by wearing clothes that are tight around the abdomen or the waist.

2. Ill fitting outfits – While it is advisable not to wear tight clothes, that does not mean that you wear lose clothes. Do not go shopping for the oversized ones. Wearing the right size is very important as you do not want to look more than your age and you surely want to get back to shape after delivery. As far as possible shop from the store that sells maternity clothing which are designed as per your requirements.

3. Do not wear unnatural fabric – Hormonal changes makes you feel more hot and sweaty during pregnancy. Opt for fabrics that go easy with the skin like 100% cotton, combed cotton, organic fabrics, linens or Khadi. DO not buy clothing made from synthetic, elastine, polyester, georgette, chiffon.

4. Wrong clothes for the wrong weather – When it is hot outside many people cover up the bump with an extra layer of a shawl over the dress or even multiple outfits which is not essential. The bump is not anything to feel shy about, flaunt it instead and dress right for the weather.

5. High Heels – High heels are not at all during pregnancy as it is a time when you will have a swollen feet, muscle cramps and also prone to imbalance.

Photo Credits: Pixabay