7 Facts about Alzheimer’s disease that everyone must know

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder and begins slowly and worsens with time


The Alzheimer’s disease is also known as AD and is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that begins slowly and worsens with time. It is an advanced form of dementia and one of the most common symptom is short-term memory loss. Here are a few more facts about the disease.

1. It is a chronic ongoing condition that affects the brain cells to waste away and die.

2. Some of the major symptoms of the disease include memory loss and confusions and other issues include trouble with speech and writing, mood and personality changes, decrease in personal hygiene, withdrawal from friends and family and others.

3. It is a progressive disorder and the symptoms gradually worsen with time.

4. Alzheimer’s can happen to anyone but people over the age of 65 and people who have a family history have more chances.

5. The conditions Alzheimer’s and dementia are similar but not the same. Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of dementia.

6. There is so far no identifiable cause of Alzheimer’s, but the scientists believe that it is caused by a combination of lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors that affect the brain with time.

7. There is not cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but with the help of proper medication and management strategies can help to slow the progression of the disorder and temporarily improve the symptoms.

It has to be also noticed that there is no definite way of preventing Alzheimer’s disease but evidence has suggested that a change in the lifestyle and diet and exercise habits can temporarily improve the symptoms. All the above factors are important for good health and well being and can reduce the risk of the condition. In 2015, there were about 29.8 million people across the globe suffering from AD and is often begins with people over the age of 65 years. Although, there are about four to five percent of people who have developed the disease before that age.

Photo Credits: Pixabay