Common fashion mistakes that you might be making

When it comes to fashion there are a few things that you might be ignoring


There are many people who are crazy about their clothes and think that they have the best fashion sense. While many of them might be right but many times we tend to make a few mistakes when it comes to common things. Here are a few things that you need to look and observe if you are also making the same mistakes.

1. Buying clothes too large – Many people think that buying clothes larger than your size, hides your problem areas but the fact is that it accentuates and makes you look like a bag. Being stylish does not mean that you need to be thin or size zero. It is all about when you are wearing and how well you are carrying it. Buys clothes that fit perfectly. If you are spending a long time on wearing the jeans then they are small and saggy bottoms are a ‘no no’ in proper styling.

2. Buying clothes too small – Buying clothes that are too small can make you look like a disaster. When you buy clothes that fit perfectly then you will look thinner and also feel better.

3. Too many accessories – Dangly earrings, statement necklace and a fringe bag is just a bit too much. This will distract others from your beautiful face. It is good to keep you fashion sense simple.

4. Not trying before you buy – We know that you know your size well, but it is always better to try it on before you purchase. There are a few styles that might not suit your body built. The bottom line is you never know if it looks good unless you try it on.

5. Not buying according to your body type – It is very essential to identify your body type. A dropped waist jumpsuit looks horrible on 98 percent of the population. Pick up silhouettes that flatter your best body features. Be careful with the colors and prints that you pick with your body type.

Photo Credits: Pixabay