5 Easy ways to soften butter

Softening butter can be a challenge but there are indeed some easy ways to soften it faster


Butter is one of the most used ingredient in any kitchen. Apart from savories, it is widely used in baked goods. Most of the baked recipes call for its softened version as it can mix well with the ingredients. However, it takes about ages to soften, but here are a few easy ways it can be softened in less time.

1. Warm glass – Cut the amount of butter that you need to use and put it on a plate. Take a glass and fill it with hot water. Let it rest till the outside part of the glass becomes warm. Now quickly discard the hot water, dry it and invert it over the chunk. The butter will soften within just a minute.

2. Heat in pan – This is one of the simplest ways to heat butter. Take a saucepan and fill some water and bring it to boil. Now take a container and put the butter in it. Place the container with butter on top of the saucepan such that it does not touch the water. The steam will soften it and you will need to make sure that it does not melt.

3. Grate – You can take a chunk of butter and grate it in to a mixing bowl. Use the side of the grater that has larger holes. Wrap it with its packaging so that your hand does not get smeared with butter.

4. Use a whisk – You can cut a big chunk in to bite-sized pieces. The smaller pieces soften faster. Mix it with the help of a hand-held mixer. Use low speed and increase the intensity of it gradually when you see it softening.

5. Microwave – This is probably the easiest and the simplest way to soften it. Add a chunk in to a microwave friendly container and place it in the microwave. Defrost it in the microwave for not more than 5 seconds.

Photo Credits: Pixabay