4 Ways to store potatoes with longer shelf life

Potatoes can have a short shelf life but a few measures can help to increase their shelf life


Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables in the market. They can be eaten as mashed or if you are on a cheat day, you can eat them as French fries. Be it in curries, breads or biryanis or even a dessert, potatoes compliments with almost all kinds of dishes. If you are struggling to find ways to increase its shelf life, here are a few ways you might find handy.

1. Do not store potatoes around the kitchen appliances – Avoid storing potatoes below the sink or around any of the kitchen appliances. Doing so can spoil the potatoes. This happens as such places are exposed to high temperatures and are not suitable for its storage. However, they must not be kept in the refrigerator as they taste can get ruined. The cold temperature of the fridge can turn the starch of the potato in to sugar.

2. Find a cool and dry place – The vegetable must be stores in a cool and dry place, Make sure it is well ventilated and must not be exposed to too much light. This can lead to a build-up of a green patch on the skin of the vegetable. The natural reaction is caused by a chemical known as Solanine that produces a bitter taste. It must be avoided as its consumption in a large quantity can cause illness.

3. Do not wash potatoes before storage – If the vegetable is washed before storage then there are chances that they might get spoiled soon. Damp atmosphere can spoil the potatoes in no time. Washing them can expose them to moisture and shorted their shelf life. The vegetable must be washed only when they are needed for cooking.

4. Do not store cut ones in open – Cut potatoes must not be left in open for a longer time. Exposing them to the air can cause them to turn grey or brown. You can keep cut them for a little longer by storing them with cold water.

Photo Credits: Pixabay