5 signs your skin is trying to tell you about your diet

Proper diet and eating habits can have a good impact on the skin


Everything that you include in your diet, not just puts an impact on your inner health, but also indicates on your outer being. For instance, if you have been loading yourself with a lot of junk food then it surely shows its consequences on the body. Here are a few indications that your body can show according to your eating habits.

1. Early signs of ageing – Ageing is surely a natural process. You cannot reverse the process but can surely slow down the process. Eating your food too fast leads to absorption of fewer nutrients. It is essential to chew the food properly and tasting and swallowing of food can cause greater nutrient absorption by the digestive system. Ageing of skin means that it is deprived of the nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals.

2. Acne – It becomes very frustrating when you are due to attend a party in the evening and a little acne bumps on the skin on the same morning. This indicates that the food that you are consuming contains high iodine content. Make sure that you keep a watch on foods which have high iodine content.

3. Dryness of skin – Dry or cracked skin can be very frustrating and if you are experiencing dryness quite frequently then you are probably not drinking enough water. If not water, then you must intake more hydrating foods like cucumber, watermelon or lettuce. Our eating habits play a major role in keeping the skin hydrated and radiant.

4. Stretch marks – Stretch marks on the skin are caused due to the tearing of the middle layer of the skin known as dermis. The scars happen more frequently when your diet does not have enough of zinc, Zinc plays a major role in repairing and healing of tissues.

5. Puffy face – A puffy face indicates that your body lacks good fats. Your body also needs some good fats like those that come from seeds and oils that protect the skin against inflammation.

Photo Credits: Pixabay