Actual definition of stress – Causes and signs

Stress is not essentially negative and can happen with positive changes in life


A lot is being spoken about the word stress in recent times. Many people think that stress is negative but the fact is that you can get stressed from positive as well as negative situations. It can keep you on toes when you are promoted at work and you have new responsibilities on your way. But it becomes negative when you constantly face challenges without relief or relaxation between the stressful work. Prolonged stress can cause a negative effect on the body.

Causes of stress –
The situations of the instances that cause stress are known as stressors. They are usually thought to be negative but even positive life chances can also cause such a problem. Some of the positive changes that can cause the problem include buying a house, getting married, receiving a promotion, going to college. There are also a few internal factors that can cause stress including over thinking, personality traits which cannot be adjusted and more. At the same time, we must keep in mind that your stress levels can be different from that of your neighbor. For Instance, if you love to cook, then cooking for a big family might not be a stressful situation for you. But the same situation can be overwhelming for the one who is not fond of cooking.

Signs that your body is stressed –
If this continues for a long time it can lead to a negative reaction. It can disturb the internal balance of the body and result in physical symptoms like feeling overwhelmed, headaches, grinding teeth, high blood pressure, indigestion, cold or sweaty palms, weight gain or loss, loss of appetite, problems in sleeping and chest pain. Emotional distress can also result in anxiety, panic attacks and constant worry.

Substance abuse –
This can happen when people start depending on alternative ways to relieve stress. Substances can include, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, shopping, excessive use of internet and even food. This can also trap the person in a vicious cycle.

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