3 Effects of Too Much Coffee on Your Health


Is coffee good enough for you?

Coffee is a healthy drink which contains caffeine. Word wide, coffee is considered to be number one beverage. It is brewed using hot water and served in different forms. It is served in many flavors some of which are espresso, cappuccino among others. Most people consume coffee because caffeine is known for boosting their mood, metabolism, and physical or mental activities.
When taken in low doses, caffeine is safe, however high doses have got side effects on your body. The side effects depend on one’s genes.
Below are side effects of taking too much coffee;
• Insomnia
Lack of sleep is called insomnia. Intake of high amounts of caffeine tends to increase the amount of time taken by an individual to sleep. It also decreases total sleeping hours among adults or the elderly.
Caffeine’s ability to keep people awake is the most precious thing factor, for those studying and doing business until late hours of the night.
• Anxiety
In most cases, caffeine in the coffee drink elevates alertness. Adenosine a brain chemical that makes you tired has its effects blocked by caffeine. Also, adrenaline which is associated with energy is triggered by caffeine. When taken in large amounts, these effects become overwhelming leading to nervousness and jitteriness. One is advised to observe close his response to caffeine in order to determine the amount he can tolerate.

high blood pressure
• High Blood pressure
Due to its stimulatory effect on the nervous system, caffeine has proofed to raise blood pressure, but it doesn’t seem to cause heart disease or stroke in most individuals.
Over a period of time arteries are damaged due to high blood pressure. This is in itself a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.
Caffeine taken in small amounts has temporarily or no side effects to those who consume it. Watch your coffee intake and ensure that you keep yourself thoroughly hydrated at all times.

Photo: Pixabay