5 Signs you might have protein deficiency

Protein deficiency can lead to many problems in the body and needs to be checked regularly


Our bodies need enough of protein to make it perform at the best. Protein deficiency is not so common in the developed countries. But people are still at risk of developing some level of the deficiency if you are older and do not have a balanced diet. There are many factors which can tell that your body might not be getting enough protein. Here are a few signs.

1. If you are snaking too much – Being always hungry or a ragging appetite might be an indication that you are taking inadequate protein. Studies have said that we tend to much on savories when we are protein deficient. If you are making repeated trips to the refrigerator then it can be a sign that it is time to improve your protein intake.

2. Losing weight – When you are attempting to lose weight, then it can be normal. But losing weight without even trying too might not be a good sign. In moderate protein deficiency, the body can keep important tissues and organs healthy by sucking up the protein from the muscles. This can lead to weight loss.

3. Feel lethargic or tired the whole day – Constant feeling of fatigue or weakness is a sign of deficiency or protein. Such symptoms show up due to low protein store in the body. Fatigue can also be due to inability to stay warm and general irritability.

4. You always have cold – Constantly having a running nose or catching every bit of infection, can be a sign that the body is not getting ample protein. When the protein levels are low, the immune system of the body does not function well.

5. You get tired soon– A hard workout at the gym can make you wobbly at your knees but if you still remain exhausted a day or two after leaving the gym then you might need to have a watch on your eating habits.

Photo Credits: Pixabay