WWE Night Of Champions 2010: Results And Reviews


Updated Trends: WWE Night Of Champions 2010: Results And Reviews

It was one of the most awaited events that WWE universe and their fans were waiting for, it was the WWE Night Of Champions 2010. The event was packed with the best matches to be watched by the fans, and this had goose bumps moving up their spines. Specially talking about the matches like the Undertaker vs Kane match and the Six man Elimination challenge, which was something that the fans had awaited for a long time.


To start with the Six Man Elimination Challenge, which included Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho and Wade Barret. In this mind boggling match, Randy stood victorious once again, as he used his sneaky little mind of his to beat the last man standing against him Shaemus by pinning him by a devastating RKO.

The next match was the Undertaker vs Kane match, the match which was the most mysterious and much awaited to see the brothers of destruction go head on. And the result was shocking as Kane beat the Phenom and his hopes to get his hands on the championship, but who knows what lies ahead for Kane.

Other matches that took place were, The United States Championship, between The Miz and Daniel Bryan, where Bryan stood victorious against the rebelling Miz. Next was the the Intercontinental match between Dolph Zigler and Kofi Kingston, in which Dolph was able to pip Kofi and regain the champion’s seat. Up next was the tag team championship, were Drew McIntyre and Cody Rodes won the belts, after defeating the Hart Dynasty and three other teams in the Tag Team Turmoil.

One particular match that was surprising was the Big Show vs CM Punk, for which CM Punk had a bad reputation against The Big Show, and after the match at The Night Of Champions, Big Show showed the world that he is indeed the best giant available in WWE.