4 ways of coping with anxiety at workplace

Anxiety is a condition that can affect your performance and a few simple changes can help to deal it with ease


Work is a part and parcel of our lives. In order to perform at your best at the work place, it is essential to remain at your best mental state. Many people suffer from anxiety due to constant pressures of job or worrying about performance and this often results in our performance at the work place. If you are one of those who feel the same, here are a few simple strategies that you can apply in your daily life.

1. Identify and be attentive at the triggers – You need to be attentive towards the situations that spike your anxiety. It may be a feedback, writing a few important mails, doing something which is out of your comfort zone, or starting off you day with a messy desk. Identifying such triggers will help you to plan a strategy to avoid such situations. You can also prepare yourself before you have to face an unwanted situation.

2. Create a favorable condition around you – Apply a few good changes like cutting off caffeine, working by the side of the window under natural light and avoiding hassle at the work place by using headphones.

3. Give priority to rest – When you are very tired, do not try to work when your body is not allowing you. Under such circumstances, take a power nap which will help you give better concentrate on your work. It is OK to take out time for yourself even in a busy schedule.

4. Set small goals – Setting small goals helps to give you a huge boost. This will also help you to expand your comfort zone but also make sure that you do not overwhelm yourself.

Dealing with anxiety might not be so easy, but when you receive setbacks, make sure that you celebrate you smallest victories. Do not sob over the losses incurred in the past but look forward and think about what you can do to make things better for yourself.

Photo Credits: Pixabay