6 Ways to train your brain for creativity

Your brain needs to be trained and practiced for creativity and to be innovative


It is not essential that you must be born with the characteristic of creativity. It is a trait which can also be developed with habit and time. The right persistence and practice can help you to revive your brain and help you make the most of you inherent ability to generate ideas which are original. There are just a few habits that you need to incorporate in your daily routine can rewire your brain to have innovative and creative ideas.

1. Be a good observer – Creativity comes with good observation. It depends on how we perceive the surroundings and the environment which helps to fuel our creativity. Be more observant and you will boost your creative energy.

2. Change your atmosphere – Damp or stagnant atmosphere can hinder your creativity. Try to change your environment. Many times a bustling atmosphere can do the trick. You can pack your laptop and get in to a restaurant, café, lounge or even a park.

3. Take a casual walk – Sedentary lifestyle can be bad for health. You can just get up and go for a casual stroll which will be good for your creative thinking. Going for a walk also helps in improving the brain function and improves your creativity.

4. Be curious – Curiosity is the fuel to creativity. So not hesitate to dig in to something to get answers. Your thirst for knowledge can improve with time and allow you to be creative with your thoughts.

5. Practice to create – Creativity is a skill and needs practice to be perfect. Creating something gives a push to the brain to be more creative. For the most talented people about ten percent of their work comes from natural talent and 90 percent is labour.

6. Day dreaming – Despite a hectic schedule, allow yourself to unwind and let your mind wander in day dreaming. When you day dream, it has an access to memories, emotions and also knowledge which works like a key to effectively use your mind for creativity.

Photo Credits: Pixabay