10 Benefits of using Solar Energy

solar energy

Thinking of switching your household to solar energy?

The sun has many benefits to the human being like drying clothes and growing food. It is a source of vitamin D and now solar energy. Solar power is power obtained by harnessing the energy from the sun`s rays. The energy is converted into electricity directly or indirectly. Directly by using photo voltaic (P V) or indirectly by using concentrated solar power. This is a great alternative to using electricity at hone, which is costly.

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Benefits of solar power

  1. Solar power is renewable for as long as there is sun. It can be harnessed from anywhere in the world any day
  2. You will save on your electricity bill since you are using the energy of the sub directly.
  3.  It is a source of electricity to the areas not connected to the energy grid.
  4. The solar energy panels do not require a lot of maintenance. They only need cleaning once in a while. Solar panel manufacturers give about 20 years warranty and do not charge much for cleaning them.
  5. Solar power provides clean electricity. It has low carbon dioxide emissions and you are helping the environment in a big way.
  6. We rely on expensive and dangerous energy source like oil, coal and natural gas. These will one day run out. Solar is the right direction to follow if we want to create energy independence. Once you have solar panels on your roof you have an independent source of electricity.
  7. Shopping for solar panels has become easy thanks to the many solar companies nowadays. It is easier to shop and install.
  8. Solar power create electricity without the effects of global warming which will cost the society trillions of dollars to abate
  9. Solar power provides reliable energy. The sun will rise and set every day and there are good seasonal and daily projections for the amount of sunlight that will be received in different locations
  10. It provides energy security for nobody on earth owns the sun so it cannot be turned into monopoly.

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How to install

1. Look for mapping services that will help you determine if your roof is suitable for solar panel installation

2. Then look for a local company (you can check on the internet) that installs solar panels. Make sure to thoroughly read the reviews of the solar companies to select the best

Note: Always use qualified professional for it requires certification

3. Pay the solar company for a complete solar system and solar installation or you can contact a solar company that will let you lease for little or no upfront cost.

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