5 Cholesterol -high foods which are actually good for health

There are a few foods which are high in cholesterol but are actually good for health


Cholesterol is a wax like substance found in the body and plays an important role in production of hormones, Vitamin D and bile which is essential for digesting fats. When you consume extra cholesterol the body compensates by reducing the extra cholesterol that it makes naturally. Here are five healthy foods which are high in cholesterol but good for the body.

1. Cheese – Cheese is often associated with increased cholesterol and not good for health but many recent studies have shown that full-fat cheese does not have a negative impact on cholesterol levels. Most of the cheese provide protein, calcium and Vitamin A.

2. Eggs – These are one of the most nutritional foods that can be eaten. One large egg provides 211 mg of cholesterol or 70% of the RDI. Research has shown that eggs do not put a negative impact on cholesterol levels and eating a whole egg can lead to an increase in heart-protective HDL. They are also a good source of protein and other nutrients like Selenium, B Vitamins and Vitamin A.

3. Organ meats – Organ meats like liver, kidney and heart are rich in cholesterol and highly nutritious. The chicken heart is a good source of anti-oxidant CoQ10 along with B12, iron and zinc. A study had mentioned that adults who had moderate intake of unprocessed meat including organ meats had low risk of developing heart disease than those who had low consumption levels.

4. Yogurt (full fat) – Again Full fat yogurt is rich in cholesterol and has nutrients like calcium, protein, calcium and phosphorus with B Vitamins, Zinc and potassium. Research showed that an increased consumption of full-fat fermented dairy products is associated with reductions in bad LDL cholesterol. It lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

5. Sardines – Sardines are not just health and stuffed with nutrients but is also a good protein source which can be added to a variety of dishes. They also make an excellent source of selenium, phosphorus, Zinc, copper and vitamin E.

Photo Credits: Pixabay