Take the leap to a healthy living – Travel Solo to a New Destination

solo travelling

Spending some time with yourself is not at all a bad idea. Especially when it comes to travelling alone. Infact, travelling solo can make for a healthy, stress-free living because it not only opens up our avenues to save us from burning out our precious life energy but it also enhances our presence of mind, alertness about surroundings and situations and not to mention our will power and helps us acknowledge our real aspirations.

Solo travel has almost become a necessity to achieve holistic good health and fitness of the body and the mind alike. Not to mention the soul too feels rejuvenated when we do not have to carry along any additional baggage of conforming to the society pressures or abiding by the wants of another human being during our trips.

Here are a few ways solo travel adds to a healthier living:

Pause to think – In our busy and hectic lives, running from pillar to post to make ends meet and trying to become the person everyone else wants us to be, we forget to tend to our dreams, goals and ambitions. Travelling to new destinations (of course after a thorough check and research of the place and its facilities) all by ourselves helps us to put a pause to our lives where we are allowed some alone time to think about the direction we want our lives to head to.

solo travelling

Major life decisions – The world has seen a rise in the number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, courtesy solo travelling. When we are exposed to new philosophies, beliefs, rituals, culture, food, fashion, technology and means of recreation, our minds open up with fresh ideas that serve as inspiration – it could be a new dish, an unusual clothing style or a handicraft item spotted in another part of the world that we completely adore.

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Travelling alone sometimes also makes us rethink our decisions or our entire life in a new perspective – we might choose to live in a completely new place that does not have the least similarity with our current place of stay. Our food habits, our career path or even our relationships (or the way we were working on them) might see a massive change once we have traveled solo.

The important 3Cs for a balanced living – Communication with the local community and strangers around us, confidence in our decisions and ability to cope with the unknown, and connecting with ourselves by acknowledging who we really are and disconnecting with people, places and things from our comfort zone – these are the 3Cs that only solo travel can help us discover. These can be life-changing and yet rewarding because at the end, we like ourselves a little more, realize what is more important to us, manage our time more efficiently, care about ourselves and our loved ones some more, become compassionate and ready to take on whatever comes our way.

solo travelling

Improves risk-taking abilities – Fear can only be killed by facing what we fear. When we travel alone, we are also in for the greatest adventure of our lives where we know nothing about our plans for the day, whom will we meet, which event we shall attend, which place we will visit, what activity we might enjoy or even getting down to what we will eat. An unexplored café or a beautiful museum, whatever we visit, it is us who takes the call and even changes plans on a whim or two during the trip.

Not only do we become more flexible and accommodating in everything that doesn’t go as planned and in accepting new cultures, but we also get to improve our social skills and may not even remain alone for the entire trip. Underestimating or feeling lonely in the company of self – all become a thing of the past. We improve on our skills to forget and forgive and learn to start afresh.

A spark of energy – As we become the master of our travel time alone, there is also a sudden energy boost that hits us and makes us the problem-solver and decision-maker we might have always aspired to be. We may then not find our mundane routines dull after all as our horizons expand and we can accept challenges better. Living makes sense when we travel alone as we come to know the true purpose of our living – to know the world around us and rediscover the joy of living. Things we usually don’t pay heed to suddenly become our motto of life and we turn out to be the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves!

So go ahead and plan a solo trip!