Natural Little Beauty Secrets From Around The World


Tea Tree Oil

No one can deny the amazing benefits of using natural products for a vast variety of reasons. For an itchy scalp, try using a little tea tree oil. It is readily available in stores these days, and pretty cheap, so it won’t be hard to get your hands on it. Tea tree oil helps with dandruff tremendously. Just mix it in with your shampoo, and voila! You will see the results within just a few washes.


Summer is just around the corner, and if you find you’ve forgotten sunscreen and end up with sunburn, then oatmeal is your answer to an almost instant cure. Just put the oats into a little gauze bag, drench them in lukewarm water and apply to the affected area. Apart from being a healthy choice for diets, oats also have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Who knew?!

Orange Juice is very effective for overall health.

Orange Juice

Though used by many as part of everyday breakfast, O.J. for the face is also helpful. Ditch those concealers that have so many chemicals in them, and instead apply orange juice to your pores. Don’t forget to mix it with equal parts water! You will notice that those annoying blemishes on your face look less obvious. Selfie time!

Red grapes

Crush these little red wonders into a bowl with some flour and apply to your face. Now, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with tap water. Your face will get an instant glow! Living in polluted areas has caused our skin to become dull and make us look more tired than we already are. But with this natural mixture, your face will instantly look more youthful!

Potato skins are very effective for skin health

Olive Oil

There’s no telling the number of benefits to incorporating olive oil into your diet. It’s great for lustrous hair as well. Take a cup of yoghurt and mix it in with a teaspoon of olive oil. While taking a bath, use this mixture as a conditioner after shampooing. Wait for five minutes, then rinse. Now you’ve got some shiny locks to show off to the world.


Not the actual spud, but the slices. Next time you’re done making french fries, save the peels. Then when dark circles appear under your eyes, place the peels over them for a few minutes. Doing this on a regular basis will lighten the blemishes and make you look younger. But, do this regularly to get better results. And switch off all lighted devices before sleeping, and get a good night’s rest as well!