Most Anticipated Books By Bestselling Authors For 2017 – Part 1


Because you promised yourself you will read more in the new year

Enough social media! It’s time to get intellectual by picking up a good book and delving into an imaginative world. Only good can come out of turning the pages to your next favorite novel, memoir or self-help tome. The pure inner joy when you’re sitting with yourself, chosen beverage in hand in a cozy corner with the latest bestseller. Books are so easily available – you can get them from your local near-bankrupt bookstore, the musty library or even get it shipped directly from Amazon. Make it a point to read more this year, and watch your inner and outer life transform. Books are magical that way.

Little Deaths

Emma Flint

January 17, 2017

Little Deaths by Emma Flint

This is the debut novel for author Flint, who takes us back to Queens, New York in 1965. The story follows a mother who is accused of murdering her two children.