Ready For Wellness Bootcamp? Here Are Your Fitness Goals For 2017!


It’s never too late to implement your fitness plan. True, the holiday season is in full swing, and with calorie-laden (and delicious cocktails) all around, being human makes us just want to dig in. Don’t worry, tomorrow, or the new year is a fantastic way to begin re-building your body and being your best. So, cheers to another 365 days of getting it right. Look no further, because here are your fitness goals for 2017…and we’ve made it as fun as possible, so it’s something you look forward to, rather than another chore –

Keep moving!

One of the worst parts about the 20th century is that a large number of us are living sedentary lifestyles. Instead of us going out there and getting it, things are delivered to us. But you can change all that. Instead, try switching off your computer and heading out. It could be to buy groceries from the local store, visiting a library to pick up the latest bestseller or even just strolling to absorb nature. Here’s a tip: instead of Netflix and chill, how about working out while watching your favorite show?

Kill ’em with kindness

Use your weekends for doing some charity work. Not only will it give you a better outlook on life and a way to count your blessings, but you will keep yourself moving instead of sitting in front of the telly with a bowl of your favorite snack. This involves participating in marathons for charity, feeding the poor or visiting a local orphanage. You will find that the more you give to others, the more your life begins to improve greatly.


Ellen DeGeneres makes her audience and the world dance with positivity. Instead of hitting the gym which, let’s be real, is one of the boring ways to get fit, try registering with a local dance studio and learn to have some fun! You will get to meet new people, imbibe a new culture and feel years younger as your hips shake and your body quakes. There are so many old and new techniques out there – from ballet, to tango to raunchy zumba!


And by hydrate, I mean water! Alcohol actually dehydrates you and will make you feel more sluggish during the day, thanks to the ever-present hangover. Sugary drinks and sodas just add tons of sugar and cause weight gain, with zero benefits to the body. Try water. It’s calorie free, replenishes your body and flushes out toxins like nobody’s business. Seriously, drinking the elixir of the gods is a great way to lose extra pounds and give your body a boost.


Imagine doing your favorite thing in the whole wide world and being able to lose weight at the same time! That’s right. When you catch your regular dose of sleep, that’s 7-9 hours a night, your body will begin to function well. That means digesting food properly, burning fat and leaving you energized throughout the day. Have you noticed that when you sleep less you tend to eat more fattening and sugary foods to keep the energy level up? Sleep actually helps you live a more active lifestyle during the day.

Go outside

Nature is such a beautiful thing, freely given to us all. Don’t try to catch the stars or watch the foliage only on your computer’s screensaver. Instead, take a hike! Use your free time, early mornings and vacations to witness the true beauty of nature. There’s loads of oxygen in that, you experience Mother Earth in all her glory and you get a relaxing way to a lifestyle of fitness. Try the local beach, a small forest or the park that you used to visit as a child.


This technique has been tried and tested for centuries now. Meditation helps you focus on the right things and tune out those parts of your life that no longer serve a purpose. Meditation also helps in controlling your breathing and rejuvenates the system. The best part about meditation is that there is no one true way of achieving nirvana. Based on what you are guided to do or what you feel comfortable with, spend a few minutes of your day for your mind and watch your body and whole life follow.