Easy Hacks To Lose Your Belly Without Any Exercise Or Diet In 2017


Because going to the gym is so 2016

Can you imagine losing tough belly fat without having to actively work for it? Sometimes, just your lifestyle can contribute to you looking heavier around the stomach area. By making a few alterations in life, you can lose inches around the waist. Here, Updated Trends gives you some keen tips and easy hacks to lose your belly without any exercise or diet. Here’s to a trimmer you in 2017!

Change your posture

Slouching=trouble. Since you end up sitting most of the time in your day with work, commute and spending time in front of the TV, you end up getting a belly. Not to mention, your back with arch and make you look shorter and more rounded overall. To curb this, sit up straight. In the beginning, it may seem more cumbersome and you might have to keep reminding yourself to straighten up. But guaranteed, with time, you end up losing inches and look taller.

Drink more water

Water actually helps you flush out any extra fat and toxins from your system. When you don’t drink enough water in the day, your body retains water and this makes you seem more bloated and fat in your stomach. Also, water makes your brain believe that you are full, and you won’t end up consuming more foods, salty and sweet, throughout the day. Try it out – guzzle more H2O and you will find that you end up looking slimmer.

Visit the bathroom

Going to the bathroom isn’t an embarrassing thing. It’s completely natural and is, in fact, healthier for you. As you drink more water and eat healthy foods, your body system will automatically want to replenish yourself. This means that you end up going to the bathroom more times than usual, which is a good thing. You will also find that your mid-section is trimmer and that you don’t feel bloated or stiff any longer.

Eat more mindfully

Since we tend to wait for hours before our next meal, with hunger you end up gorging on your food. Swallowing big morsels means that your gut and intestines will have to work harder and take more time to digest what you’ve eaten. Instead, try to chew at least 10-15 times before swallowing any food. Not only will you end up eating less, but your body will thank you for the caution and you won’t pack on the pounds.

Get more probiotics

Yakult is actually good for you. So are other foods with antioxidants and probiotics, like yoghurt. These are good bacteria and allow for your digestive system to break down complex foods more easily. Snack on these delicious probiotics on a regular basis and watch your stomach get flatter. Not all bacteria is bad for you, mind you!

Walk in the light

Try to get some walk time in your schedule. You can squeeze in this time in the mornings, so you’re also getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. Walking at least 30 minutes will put your body in motion and also improve your metabolism. Health experts swear that an active lifestyle, even if you include activity in increments, will be so beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Not to mention that your stomach will lose its chubbiness in the bargain.

Quit chewing gum

For many of us, our mouths need to move to feel like we are doing something. Boredom is not an option. That is why we mostly end up eating mints or chewing gum throughout the day. But you need to quit this habit. Chewing constantly actually increases your intake of air, similar to gulping down a drink or swallowing chunks of food. If you feel like your mouth needs activity, consciously watch your breath as you inhale and exhale for a few minutes throughout your day. Your stomach size will gradually decrease.

Take time to relax

With stress, which we believe is part and parcel of our daily lives, your body gets unnecessarily revved up. This will culminate in your digestive system going into overdrive, and this isn’t good news for the belly. Remember to be mindful – that means living in the moment. Whether you’re eating, meditating, sipping a cup of coffee or working, don’t get involved in the rush of life. Your body will be more relaxed and your belly will be flatter.