This Magnetic Face Mask Is Fun And Effective Beauty Product You Need!


Beauty products are seriously evolving since the last couple of decades. No longer is it just about some mascara, blush and lipstick. From contouring to highlighting and everything in between, beauty has actually become an essential part of fashion. Eyeshadows are now like mini works of art with eyelids as canvases and lips are plumped, shaped and ombré shaded to add “body”.

For beauty, the face the is ultimate destination to get it right. That is the first place people look at you and can determine your style. The base always needs to be the most solid so you can cover it with all the fashion extravaganza you possibly need. A clear face with no visible pores and smoothness like a baby’s behind is just what one looks for as they say the face is the mirror of the soul.

Seacret – Minerals From The Dead Sea

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Out of all the revolutionary products out there, a company by the name of SEACRET has come up with a face mask that not only improves the quality of your skin, but is so fun to use! Called the M4 – MINERAL-RICH MAGNETIC MUD MASK. It comes in a black box that contains a black container with the actual mud mask. It also contains a steel spatula and a magnet that is shaped like a stamp.

Applying and removing it is quite safe and easy. Just take scoops of the mask out of the container using the spatula. As per those who have used it before, the mask doesn’t easily spread across the face as masks usually do, maybe because of the magnetism. However, you can use the spatula or even your fingers to pat the mask on and leave for the required amount of time. Once done, you need to cover the magnet with a tissue paper and just hover over the areas where the mask is applied and voila! The mask comes off, with no traces left on your skin, though you can see the mask is collected on the tissue paper. So, no scrubbing, rubbing or pulling at your skin to get the mask off anymore! Condition your face with a toner and pat down to feel the immediate effects of the mask.

SEACRET M4 – Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask Application & Removal

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There are only raving reviews for the M4. Many online make-up artists have reviewed the products themselves through their channels and websites, and all have been left stunned and happy with the results as well as the whole application-removal process. It is a little pricey, wherever you are in the world, but for those who like a little bit of luxury with long-lasting effects, try SEACRET M4 – MINERAL-RICH MAGNETIC MUD MASK.