Oh Snap! Snapchat Changes Brand Name + New Product Launch


Evan Spiegel-led Snapchat is one of the top apps that mobile and tablet users can’t get enough of. The go-to trend by some of our favorite celebs – from Kim Kardashian West to Ellen DeGeneres to Kate Hudson, you can say that its popularity has taken over almost every other public sharing social media platform.

But with trends comes evolution, and Snapchat doesn’t want to lag behind in any way. So, they’ve decided to cut the chat, and now the tech giant is officially re-branded as SNAP Inc.

And with their new name, they’re also expanding their product base. So, instead of just a story app with weird filters, they are also introducing some wearable tech. Let’s welcome Fall’s latest trend-

Even Spiegel, SNAP Inc. founder, with their latest creation, The Spectacles

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The sunglasses are made for those on the go, who love to take videos. If you’re the kind who can’t afford Go-Pro, then this one’s for you! Attached sleekly to the outer rim of the spectacles, the camera can record a few seconds of video, but that’s good enough because you can then directly upload it to your Snapch-oops-SNAP. They are pretty affordable, too, and retail for a cool $130. The final date of release isn’t known yet, but Snap Inc. has definitely put out the news well in advance. People are already excited about the upward trend of the most sought-after short-video company.

Since it also happens to be the gifting season, expect a lot of these cool pieces in your stocking this Christmas. We’re sure there’s a long waiting list of customers eager to grab this technological revolution. Hope there’s no buggering with the spectacles, as what happened with Google’s Glass that faced a lot of controversy and wrath from users about covert copying of information.

The product isn’t out yet, so there can be no reviews, only basic specifications and no conspiracy theory. Once it is, there will be many opinions being lent, and we hope they are all good ones.