Jeffree Star Announces Brand New Lip Ammunition Line


You Better Werk! Make-up mogul and YouTube extraordinaire, Jeffree Star had something exciting to announce to his over 2 million subscribers – he is about to launch a brand new line of tube lipsticks out by the end of the month – Lip Ammunition!

Keeping in mind his favorite color, pink, he has taken on 10 shades, 6 of which are different hues of this beloved color. Using his own injected and plumped up pucker, the star applied each shade for the camera, showing just how fabulous, out-of-this-world and totally your next beauty essential, they truly are.

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Shades

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The ten shades are all heavily pigmented. In fact, according to Jeffree, one swipe is enough to allow for full cover. They all are ice-cream scented, making for a delicious coating on your lips. Of course, they are not long-lasting, so if you’re using your lips for a number of purposes like eating or puckering up, then you would need to carry along your “ammunition” for a touch-up! The shades included are: Ex-Supermodel, Ice Cream Boulevard, Starfish, Jeffree’s Girl, Beauty Pageant, Granddaddy Purp, Popsicle Dream and Baby Spice. Of course, he’s done us all a great favor and included two shades that were part of his Liquid Lipstick Velour line (the ones that sold out the fastest) – Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood.

He did promise more shades, and says that these lipsticks are kinda limited edition. Considering the fact that his line constantly sells out, we are expecting mass production, especially around the holidays when it’s gift-giving time! Also, he looks forward to coming up with more shades, perhaps expecting custom feedback, but knowing the brand itself, expect pops of color in trailblazing shades. He’s even tried a white and Tiffany blue shades for his Velour line in the past.

As per usual, each of the lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free and also boast of a single application cover. One of the lipsticks is translucent glitter, so he recommends applying it over another shade and voila! You are Jeffree’s girl. The line will be out September 30 and will be available only ONLINE, exclusively at and