Stylish AF Brands You Won’t See At Fashion Week


Yes, Yeezy Season 4 just got done with scathing reviews, and NYFW 2016 was a blur of fashion houses we have watched on the runways for decades now. Though they are the ones who create the fashion tone for upcoming seasons, there are some fashion brands that are blazing trails of their own. Though they don’t make the cut for the biggest fashion events of the year, there is no doubt that they really know and understand fashion on a whole different level. Presenting stylish AF brands you won’t see at fashion week but need to know about…


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It apparently does have something to do with the astrological star sign. And knowing that Aries have the natural element of fire, be ready for something just as fiery. Created by Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, Aries manages to catch a glimpse of 80’s style that was known for it’s wearable fashion. Blending street style with the catwalk, the designs are not flashy, but work well for any fashionable silhouette. And the latest star to bring “Aries Arise” to the fore is Paper Planes rapper, MIA. We always need celebrity endorsements to make fashion legit, don’t we?


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Kate Moss was the one who brought “heroine chic” to 90’s fashion, and this brand seems to be carrying on the legacy. Designer Erin Magee takes inspiration from the likes of punk rock singer, Courtney Love and other girls who put careless fashion on and still manage to look glamorous. Think, boy’s clothing and unisex accessories. If you need a celebrity name to establish Mademe, then singer Rita Ora has been pictured walking the streets looking carefree and fashionable as ever.


Japanese designer duo Ambush have collaborated with major fashion house, Louis Vuitton in the past. Of their designs and creative direction, they have said: “Our style was more bold and loud – kind of like who can scream the loudest to be heard. Overtime, we started to see that sometimes it’s not about the volume, but getting hold of the right keynote to cut through the noise”. Case in point, they have accessories like gilded twisted nails and handcuff-and-chain bracelets.


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When you look at the designs that are handcrafted by it’s creator, it is literally supernatural – which is what she is aiming for. First selling solely on Etsy, Blood Milk Jewelry was discovered by famous goth queen Kat Von D and has since been a favorite for those looking for authentic handcrafted jewelry that has pieces of a story moulded into it. You will want to own every one of these masterpieces as they are all done by hand and are unexplainably magical.