You Know You’re In A Great Relationship When…


Trends come and trends go. But when it comes to relationships or anything mushy, you can’t seem to get enough. And this article is just about that. Want to know if he’s really into you? Can’t seem to understand if she’s playing you or truly interested? Or best of all, want to find out if that annoying couple on Facebook posting every move of their “relationship” are serious and deserve a ‘heart’ reaction or are just faking it to the world and get a mere ‘like’ from you?

You Respect Each Other’s Independence

Nations have fought for it. So, independence is a big deal. If you give each other space genuinely and have your own lives outside of the relationship, you know things are serious. Those who are new as a couple or have a lot of mistrust will constantly want to check up on their better half, ask for their location or try to stalk them on their social media. A great relationship is about yes, you are an individual and so am I, and we both respect that for each other.

You Don’t Get Mushy In Public

PDA is cute. But always remember that a relationship is meant for two and should never be witnessed by strangers. Scientific research by psychologists has proven that those who make their relationship overly public are actually very insecure about it. And that makes sense. You try to outwardly portray that everything is fine, so that subconsciously you’re convincing yourself and your partner about the same thing. Deep. A healthy relationship is about keeping the love private and specially for each other.

You Support Each Other

This seems like something pretty obvious, but it is surprising how many couples have problems when the other does something quite out-of-the-box. As we have witnessed in Hollywood, relationships fail because the partner felt small in the light of the other. But steady, good, strong partnerships are all about supporting the other one and encouraging them to reach for the stars. If you truly are into each other, you will support one another, through good times and bad.

You Are One, But Different

While supporting one another, you also maintain your individuality and have your own hobbies. One might be a rocker, the other might be a photographer. And you are completely comfortable with that fact. Unsteady relationships are about sticking to each other like glue, doing every damn thing together and never giving the other one space to breathe. A steady partnership, on the other hand, is about wanting the person for the common love you share, and being fine with your differences.