Food Trucks From Around The World

Gourmet food that are available at food trucks around the world

Eating out has become a daily regimen of many working class citizens. Since the media has been raising awareness about the unhealthy practices of fast food joints, many are looking for a more gourmet experience when it comes to eating our daily bread. Food trucks have, in the past decade, become a savior for thousands of patrons, mostly because they serve fast, fresh and affordable items for those on-the-go. They have become so popular that it is now estimated that they totally rake in over $2.5 billion in annual revenue. Truly, food trucks are revolutionizing the way we eat lunch.

Le Camion á Pizzas, Paris

One would never think that the city of romance, with its numerous sidewalk café’s could be home to one of the best food trucks in the world. But this place manages to place itself in the heart of a district known for its architecture and art and serve delicacies like Parma ham, smoked salmon and other gourmet affairs.


Le Camion a Pizza in Paris is famous for serving gourmet food

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Die Dollen Knollen-Puffermanufaktur, Berlin

Germans are already famous for their many joints that serve street-style food and local favorites and this food truck is no exception. Using a German favorite, potato pancakes at the base, you can pick from delicious toppings such as smoked fish, cottage cheese and everything in between.


Die Dollen Knollen in Berlin, Germany is known to serve a plethora of dishes

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Ms. Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese, Miami

As the name suggests, they take your regular grilled cheese and add some delicious toppings for a savory lunch that is light on the stomach and wallet. Edible options include crab, Frito pie, jalapeños, onions – a total of 17 different varieties to try.


Ms Cheezious in Miami are famous for the fresh made grilled cheese sandwich

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Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of street food, with many, many roadside stores selling items at the most cheapest prices to be found anywhere in the world. And the city can add one more great place to eat – this food truck offers a more stylish take on Indian favorites, including butter chicken, masala omelets and more.


Mumbai Rolling Kitchen from Mumbai, India are known to serve everything from omelettes to butter chicken

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Nero’s Pizza, Geneva

Though it is Italy that is known for its pizzas, neighbor Switzerland is also following suit with this great food truck that is the local favorite. They serve a number of pizzas with ingredients that vary from local produce or sourced from their neighbor and other parts of Europe. It’s all basically a taste of Europe on baked pizza dough.


Nero’s Pizza in Switzerland offers a variety of freshly baked pizzas

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