The 8 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Make

Common mistakes yoga beginners make

Yoga is a more of a practice than an activity and just like any other form of practice, there is always room for improvement. Remember that just copying the postures on a yoga mat does not mean that you are doing it correctly. Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes yoga beginners make so that you can ensure that you end up getting the most out your time, as making the wrong moves can do more harm than good.

Not Breathing Freely

Yoga is all about letting your mind and body free of everything that holds you back and holding your breathe while practicing is absolutely wrong. Allow your body to be supplied with enough oxygen so that the muscles fibers can support your body weight and bend according to your wish.


Breathing freely helps pump oxygen to the muscles

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Comparing Yourself To Others

Yoga is about understanding your body and it’s limits. If you constantly try to match up to what people around you are doing, you will surely end up with a strained muscle or neck pretty soon. Remember, it is your body and you are the best person to take care of it.

Taking Up A Wrong Place In Class

You may feel that sitting at the front is the best way to follow the instructor correctly but that is not the case. The best place to sit is often at the back as you always have a clear view of the instructor, who goes around correcting people. Hence you can easily know when you are not doing it correctly. If you sit at the front, you need to keep looking back which is not the best thing to do.

Eating Just Before Coming To Class

One of the most common mistakes yoga beginners make is that they tend to fill up their stomachs before they start their yoga session. You must avoid this habit as it streamlines the blood supply towards your stomach instead of the muscles, which need energy in order to take you through a strenuous session. Have a light meal at least an hour before if you feel you need some extra energy.


Avoid eating before yoga as it streamlines the blood supply towards your stomach instead of the muscles

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Jumping On To Advanced Moves

Basic poses tend to ease your body and lay the foundation for more advanced postures. Skipping the basic moves can lead to injury as your body will not have the required strength or flexibility that one needs to pull off difficult postures.


Avoid jumping to advanced yoga poses if you are a beginner

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Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Yoga is never meant to cause any pain in your body and you must never try to push yourself too hard. If there is even a hint of pain, you must back off and take it easy as that can be a sign of muscle strains.

Not Maintaining Consistency In Practice

If you are not regular with your practice, you will end up getting nowhere. Yes our daily lives are hectic but consistent sessions without any gaps will eventually allow your body to open up and increase the flexibility of the muscles, thus allowing you to pull off difficult poses with ease.

Not Doing The Cooldown Moves

The body needs some time to cool down after a strenuous session in order to allow the blood flow and heart rate to gradually return back to normal. Ending a session abruptly without doing the necessary stretching exercises can lead to muscle soreness and an uncomfortable day.


It is important to let your body cool down to avoid any injury

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