Follow These Simple Steps For Healthy Weight Gain

Follow these simple steps to gain healthy weight

People who embark on a journey of bulking up often end up gaining unnecessary fat that can take years to shed off. The aim for everyone should be to gain muscle and minimize fat gains. How do you ensure that you accomplish the goal of healthy weight gain and avoid adding fat around the waistline? Read on to find out.

Eat More Calories Than You Burn

Weight gain occurs only when the body receives more calories than it burns. So increase your food intake but ensure that it is not a fat rich diet as your target is to gain lean mass. Use a calorie meter to calculate the number of calories you will need every day to achieve healthy weight gain.


Consume a healthy amount of calories while burning less amounts

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Have A Diet With Whole Foods

Eating anything that comes your way is not going to help you gain weight properly. You need to ensure that your diets contains ample amount of vitamins and other nutrients and not just loads of carbs. The source of carbs should be healthy foods like yam, rice, grains and oats.


Your diet needs to contain of vitamins and nutrients present in while foods

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Track Yourself Regularly

Be consistent when it comes to tracking your progress as it ensures that you are on the right track tells you about the progress you have made towards you goal of healthy weight gain. Check your weight and measurements constantly. You can increase your food intake if the results are below expectations.


Measure yourself from time to time to ensure your reaching your goals

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Follow A Weight Gain Routine In The Gym

Mix up the routine so as to gain lean mass and build muscle. Do lifts, squats, pullups, presses and hypertrophy so as to end up with healthy muscle gain.


Include weight training in your regular exercises to help you build muscle mass

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Eat Carbs On The Days You Work Out

Eating carbs on the days you go to the gym gives your body the chance to utilize them properly instead of storing them as fat. Extra carbs are used for muscle repair and growth thus allowing you to have the perfect body. This is important as you need to burn some calories in order to be able to take in more.


Carbs help is muscle repair and also provide energy

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Have Plenty Of Sleep

The body repairs the muscles when you sleep. It is also during this time that the highest amount of growth hormones are released which help to attain a lean physique. So getting 7-8 hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep is important in order to get the best results.


Rest is important. get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep everyday

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Do Cardio Once A Week

Doing steady state cardio once or twice a week helps in clearing out lactic acid, unwanted fat and improves heart health. It also enables you to push yourself further during resistance training which leads to maximum muscle gains.


Cardio exercises helps to get rid of unwanted fat

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Plan Your Meals

You must follow a proper plan and eat at short intervals. Try never to skip a meal. It is better to follow a diet chart and have three small and three big meals each rather than three proper meals a day. This will ensure that you never miss the minimum calorie intake required for you to gain weight.


To gain healthy weight, it is advised to have three whole meals a day

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Follow these eight easy steps for healthy weight gain and it won’t be long before you have the perfect lean body that you have been craving for years.