Impossible Burger all set to hit grocery stores

Impossible Burgers will now be available at grocery stores as well

impossible burger

The popular meat free burger, known as the Impossible Burger was so far available only at the restaurants but now will be available to buy in grocery stores for the first time this week. From September 20, 2019, the customers will be able to buy the plant-based burgers in 27 Gelson’s Markets stores in Southern California. The brand Impossible Foods has said that is preparing to bring the burger to more grocery stores including some on the East Coast that will happen later in September, 2019.

The company says that it is planning to reach every region in the U.S. by the mid of 2020. The recent launch at grocery stores has brought Impossible Foods in a closer competition with Beyond Meat, that already sells its own meat-free burgers at grocery stores in addition to the restaurants. Upon announcing its latest burger in June, Impossible Burger said that it was available to purchase in stores including Safeway, Whole Foods, Publix, Wegmans, Kroger, Target and Sprouts. When compared to this list of chains, it seems that Impossible Burger is way behind in selling its burgers directly to the home cooks.

Meanwhile, Impossible Foods has been testing the retail release of its Impossible Burger for the past week while encouraging its followers to guess in which city the burgers will debut in. It had inadvertently spoiled the surprise on Tuesday, but then it announced that its in-store launch would be taking place in Westfield Century City in Los Angeles.

On the other hand Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are already selling their burgers to restaurants. Impossible Foods say that it burgers are available in more than 17,000 restaurants including more than 7,000 Burger King Locations. Beyond Meat provides Carl’s Jr. with veggie burgers, Subway with Meatballs and is also working with KFC on a new plant-based chicken recipe. The Impossible Burger will be available in 12 ounce packages for $8.99 each.

Photo Credits: Pixabay