Ariana Grande sues Forever 21 for look-alike ad campaign

Ariana Grande has alleged that forever 21 has misappropriated her name and fame including her songs and lyrics


American singer and song writer Ariana Grande has sued Forever 21 for $10 million while accusing the fashion retailer of misappropriating her name, image, likeness and music by employing a strikingly similar looking model in a website and social media campaigns early in 2019. The founders of the fashion retailer have been accused of piggybacking her fame and influence to sell their wares.

The lawsuit has followed after a breakdown of talks for a joint marketing campaign as the brand would not pay a celebrity of Ms Grande’s stature, whose longer-term endorsements generate millions of dollars in fees. Grande has more than 65 million Twitter followers and 163 million Instagram followers. Just the core part of the 26 year old singer’s fan base overlaps the target markets of Forever 21 and Riley Rose. However, Forever 21 and Riley Rose have not responded immediately to the email requests for comment.

The Los Angeles based fashion retailer recently said that it had 815 stores in 57 countries> Forbes Magazine says that its founders Do Won and Jin Sook Chang are worth $1.5 billion. Their daughters Esther Chang and Linda opened the first Riley Rose boutique in 2017. The complaint by Grande mentioned that Forever 21 and Riley Rose misappropriated at least 30 images and videos while using audio and lyrics from her recent No 1 single 7 Rings and by using the look-alike model.

The complaint added that the resemblance is uncanny. The lawsuit has been filed by Ariana at the Los Angeles Federal Court while seeking damages for copyright and trademark infringement, false endorsements and violating her right of publicity. Forever 21 had started as the store Fashion 21 with 900 square feet in Highland Park in Los Angeles in 1984 and has since then grown in to the clothing line Forever 21, XXI Forever, Love 21 and Heritage with more than 700 stores in America, UK, Middle East and Asia. The brand is known for its trendy offering and low prices.

Photo Credits: Instagram