5 Drinks that prevent risk of cancer

Cancer can be prevented by adding a few healthy drinks to your diet


Prevention is better than cure. Cancer can prove to be deadly if proper care is not taken. A few changes in lifestyle can prevent the occurrence of cancer. Just by adding a few drinks can help in prevention of the fatal condition. There is no  fool proof way to run away from cancer and has the ability to cripple anyone from any age group or gender. Here are a few drinks that can be added to the diet to prevent such a condition.

1. Berries smoothie – Berries are rich in anti oxidants and a smoothie that is made from blueberries, raspberries and cranberries along with red grapes is good to prevent the condition. Anti oxidants prevents  cancer causing cells from developing further and aids to deal with the disease better.

2. Tea – All types of teas are good as they contain anti-oxidants that prevent the cancer causing cells. They also have other minerals that prevent the cancer cells from developing further. Tea makes a great drink to prevent cancer.

3. Beetroot-carrot juice – Beetroot and carrot juice is very healthy for health. It is good for the eyes and can be helpful to deal with some of the major chronic disorders. Beetroot and carrots contain carotenoids and beta-carotene that help prevent the risk of the deadly disease and helps keep the person healthy and in shape.

4. Noni juice – Noni juice is derived from the fruit called Morinda citrifolia tree that is indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australasia. It is known to kill cancerous cells and helps the body fight the condition and its growth. It also helps the body to absorb more nutrients that help fight cancer.

5. Grapefruit juice – Grapefruit juice contains limonene that helps to prevent cancer by fighting the cancer cells and also the actual reason of the disease. The juice is also rich in anti-oxidants and helps to build a stronger immune system.

Photo Credits: Pixabay