After BlackBerry, India Tosses Ropes On Google and Skype


Updated Trends: After BlackBerry, India Tosses Ropes On Google and Skype

It will be Google and Skype that will be getting ready to hear the music from the Indian government, after the Indian Ministry has threatened BlackBerry that it will be suspending some of its services in India. Research In Motion has not yet stated its comments and views after India expressed its concern over the services and its link to security issues.
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The Indian Home Ministry stated that if there is no credible technical solution by 31st of August by BlackBerry on its encrypted messaging and emailing service,then the country will go ahead in blocking off these services. During the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, the terrorist were using GPS and satellite phones to communicate, the services provided by BlackBerry does not allow the security agencies to read the encryption, hence this is a risk towards national security.


Indian analysits have found out that the security level access towards the services of BlackBerry, by countries like Russian and China, are satisfying enough to them, so why not India? The warning to RIM came after a high level meeting of the government, during which the names of Google and Skype too have come up regarding security issues.