10 Next Big Fitness Trends


Fitness is more than a physical state as it is also a state of mental stability and wellbeing. The body must be able to function well and optimally which is only attainable through regular physical activities. These activities ensure all body parts relax by eliminating stress, a major cause of complications. Regular exercising and healthy eating trends are essential. Fitness is the key to healthy living, eliminating diseases such as cardiac complications, relieving depression and anxiety, enhancing the strength of the body, meeting new friends among other benefits. The fitness trends have assumed a flexible trend and these could be the most trends to look out for.

1. Online fitness platforms

Online streaming workout videos and materials are not any new. However, the breadth of value-added options is. Different providers are touting so as to differentiate themselves from each other in a very competitive and saturated market. Varying innovations and plans have been rolled by different providers and surely this will advance over time as each provider targets to make more cash by garnering more subscribers and followers.

2. Increased use of technology in taking physiological measurements

As time goes by, we expect a significant rise in the use of technology for measuring all sorts of physiological parameters from the intramuscular storage, aerobic capacities body compositions and so on. This practice was previously relegated to exercise labs and performance centers. Providers have placed adequate facilities and means to assist in this.

3. Combined formats for group fitness training

The customer demand for instructor-led workouts and creative fitness ways will compel the studios to combine workout formats. Equipment companies will offer solutions to meet these demands to enable studios to provide different combined formats as well.

4. New home cardio options

The alternative motion is a new invention moving into a majority of the home gyms where the treadmills and stairclimbers are common. The machine built with suspended pedals mimicking running and stairways combine’s different functions. A series of companies have made the new releases especially for homes unlike the older versions suitable for the fitness studios.

5. Functional/still fitness

The renewed interest in bodyweight training has seen a rise in the functional fitness training. This is training for function so as to improve balance, coordination and strength for daily activities alongside for more specialized functions.

6. Fitness tourism boost

Recent surveys have shown that wellness tourism is growing at 50% faster than normal tourism. Business for resorts and business luxury health clubs has risen significantly. Hotels offering fitness facilities and spa services are receiving a massive influx of visitors, and this will increase over the year.

7. Retailers as fitness coaches

Athletic retailers have been offering in-store classes and local group running for some period. This program is a good cross-promotional chance with the fitness clubs to build brand loyalty. Retailers are inserting themselves into their client’s fitness lives.

8. Return to basics

The traditional means and ways of body weight training are dramatically making a comeback. The ways such as sit-ups, pushups and pull-ups never seemed fancy until now. Their return is spearheading the return of the fundamental models of training and more as they are increasing been viewed to be more beneficial.

9. All-in-one fitness wearable

The sale of the wearable devices went up significantly and is expected to rise further. The demand is expected to grow continually as compared to the previous years. Manufacturers are to devise new creative options as they will form a mainstream to fitness training.

10. Work and workout spaces

With more people working independently or with relatively flexible schedules, co-working spaces no longer serve as office options for the freelancers. Workspaces are being equipped with workout studios and house gyms thereby serving as fitness classes as well.