Hot Tips For Valentine’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship


It feels awful when Valentine’s Day comes calling and your sweetheart is not around to celebrate lovers’ day with you. However there is no reason to worry even if your partner is miles away as there are many ways for you to celebrate love though you are physically apart. Here are tips for Valentine’s day if you are in a long distance relationship:

Share a movie on the phone

Both of you are likely to have watched romantic movies or gone on movie dates in the past. You can still enjoy a romantic movie date but with a twist. Select movies you both love and plan to watch them over the phone at the same time. Get romantic over the love scenes and laugh at some of the hilarious episodes. At the end of the movies, you will be surprised how romantic the moments you have spent together will be.

Factor in time to make a romantic “I love you” call

While you probably call your partner daily, on this special occasion, do not forget to place a romantic “I love you” call. To enhance their day, call when the clock strikes twelve. When your partner wakes up and the first thing they hear is your voice saying “ I love you”, the memories of that call will surpass any expensive gifts you would have given or any romantic gestures you would have made. That simple phone call will make them feel cherished and loved. It will also set a beautiful tone for the whole day.

Plan an e-date

Planning an e-date is one of the handy tips for Valentine’s day if you are in a long distance relationship. Your and your sweetheart may be miles apart but that does not stop you from enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner on lovers’ day.

Order the cuisine both of you enjoy, play your favorite music, open a bottle of wine and light some candles. When all is set, invite your sweetheart for a video chat and enjoy the e-date. You will be surprised how romantic the whole experience will feel.