5 Style mistakes women make


Many women purposely wear something that they do not realize that it is making them look older. Here are a few style mistakes to be avoided that make you look fat or older.
1. Glasses – Many think that it makes them look cool and great. But glasses make women look older especially when they are attached with the chain. Try having contact lenses if you really need them.
2. Cardigans – Cardigans might look great with some of the outfits, but beware as this might also make women look older than their actual age. These outfits can be un-cool as they are also lack shape. You can opt for a jacket or a stylish blazer.
3. Miss-match footwear – If you have got the perfect dress for the evening, you can ruin the look totally by wearing a miss-match or comfort shoes. There are several footwear options in the market which can enhance your look.
4. Graying hair – If you have got gray hair, it is time you opt for a hair color. Some might think it is a sign of wisdom or look cool in some cases. However, it is not always that gray hair does not look.
5. Outdated handbag – Do not accessorize your trendy look with an outdated handbag.

Photo Credits:nyt